Deposits explained


It’s important to understand what your deposit is for and what it covers, so we’ve included some frequently asked questions.

House viewing questions


Moving into a shared house is exciting and nerve-wracking! We've put together some questions to ask when viewing a house to ensure you’re fully prepared.

Private housing covered


To help you get on your way, we’ve created a list of some of the key things you’ll need to know about moving into a house.

What is an inventory?


An inventory is a document which records the condition and contents of a property.

What will I be paying for?


When looking for student houses, make sure you ask the letting agent or landlord plenty of questions before deciding on a potential new property.

Splitting the bills


It’s a good idea to have the ‘money’ chat out of the way early on. Here we’ve covered some ideas on how you could split bills with housemates.

From halls to student house


Now you’ve settled on who you want to live with and decided on how much you’re going to spend on rent and bills; the next step is to find somewhere to live.

Going home this Christmas

Jessie Morris

Snow is falling, Mariah Carey is back on the radio and you’ve packed your bags ready to head home for Christmas. Before you go, take a moment to consider how safe your student property will be during the break.

Living in halls

Olivia Hinkley

Before moving into university halls, you probably have an idea of what life in student accommodation will be like. Here are 5 things you might not expect about living in halls.