Student Hacks

Pia Neave

You’ve survived your first year in halls and now you’re looking forward to moving into a shared house with a handful of your closest friends. We’ve put together ten of our top student hacks to make your life easier. From decorating your charger to avoid it going missing, to stopping your housemates alarm from sounding for the fourth time this morning; we’ve got you covered.

1. Missing charger?

Is your charging always going missing? Having a little squabble with your housemate over whose charger is whose? Decorate yours with stickers or nail varnish to make it stand out.

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2. Weak charger cable?

Protect your charger from breaking, with a pen spring.

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3. Create a TV

Use wall hooks to create a TV with your tablet.

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4. Make a portable speaker

Place your phone in a glass to create a nifty portable speaker.

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5. Housemate's alarm constantly ringing?

Does your housemate’s alarm keep going off? Give them a call to stop it.

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6. Mark your recipe book

Use a trouser hanger to create a recipe book marker.

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7. Space saving

Want to create more space in your wardrobe? Use ring pulls as coat hanger tidies.

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8. Avoid microwave waiting times 

Place one bowl on top of a mug and one as normal, to double up on cooking space.

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9. Toothbrush holder

Create a toothbrush holder by using elastic bands around a glass.

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10. Tidy up!

Create a makeshift bin by placing a stool upside-down and lining it with a bin bag. 

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Pia Neave

Pia works in the Digital team at Endsleigh, managing our social channels and online content. She loves baking, travelling and running. 

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