10 August 2015

77% of students now work to fund studies

  • 46% of students use their overdraft to help make ends meet
  • Female students who work during term time earn 36% less than males


10 August 2015: New figures published by Endsleigh, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary insuring students and young professionals, show that eight out of ten (77%) university students now work to help fund their studies – compared to just 59% last year and 57% in 2013.


Endsleigh’s 2015 Student Survey of 4,642 students, conducted by the NUS Insight Team, found that more students than ever before are assuming responsibility for their finances whilst at university. When asked, 63% of respondents said that they have a part-time job, with a third (33%) of students working part-time during term; while 14% of those asked said that they now hold down full-time jobs (either during term-time, holidays or both).


However an increase in the number of students working has not led to a decrease in students’ dependence on other sources of finance, as might be expected. Endsleigh found that while just over half (53%) of students continue to depend on their parents to help them through university, 74% now rely on their student loan as one of their main sources of income (up from 67% last year and just 60%  in 2013) and almost half (46%) of students use their overdraft to help make ends meet.


Bills, bills, bills


The survey revealed that the majority of students are working to help pay for accommodation, food and household bills (57%) as well as to earn extra cash for socialising (56%).


Those working earn an average of £412 a month during term time. Students also identified travel, clothes, books and university equipment to be amongst their biggest outlays – with 56% saying they had found university more expensive than expected. Of all their costs, accommodation was the most frequently underestimated, with 58% of students saying they had found paying rent and bills more expensive than they had expected. 


Earnings: Male v Female


Endsleigh asked students how much they earn a month, on average, during term time for paid employment. Responses were as follows:



















It’s not all about the cash


The results however showed that money concerns are not the only reason students are increasingly choosing to seek out employment whilst at university – indeed 87% that developing additional skills and bulking up their CV were both important reasons for getting a job while studying.


Sara Newell, Manager of Student and Graduate Markets, Endsleigh, said:

“This year we have seen a huge leap in the number of students finding employment whilst at university. While many still rely on their parents and student loans as main sources of finance, unexpected costs at university mean that many are looking for jobs to help ends meet – however there is no doubt that being employed whilst at university serves a dual purpose and a considerable number of students are also looking to bulk up their CVs to enhance their future job prospects.”


The hub, Endsleigh’s go to guide for preparing, studying and leaving university, offers useful advice about life as a student – such as ‘How not to blow your student loan’ and ‘How can the job shop help me. Visit The hub for more tips and tricks to help students make the most out of their years at university.



Notes to Editors

The survey was conducted online during June / July 2015 and surveyed 4,642 representative university students.


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