Terms and conditions apply.

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Ts & Cs
Cancellation and curtailment

Up to £5,000 if you have to cancel or postpone your travel plans because of injury, illness or a family bereavement. We'll also pay up to £250 for any pre-paid excursions

Medical expenses

Medical expenses and the cost of repatriation, if medically necessary, up to £10,000,000


We'll pay up to £2,500 to replace damaged, lost or stolen bags and their contents including up to £350 for any valuables

Lost passports

Up to £500 for the replacement of lost or damaged passports, visas and money

Delayed departure

Up to £5,000 if, after a 12 hour delay you choose to cancel your trip, or £20 for every 12 hours of delay, up to a maximum of £100

Personal accident

Up to £30,000 for a personal accident such as the loss of a limb or eyesight or if you are left with a permanent disability

Legal expenses

Up to £50,000 towards legal costs if you need help claiming damages or compensation for an injury or incident.

We use a single insurer for our travel insurance policies.

Why Endsleigh?

Why Endsleigh?

We provide cover for over 100 activities, from volunteering and wildlife conservation to snorkelling and wind surfing on any trip lasting from three months to a year.

Single trip travel insurance

Whether you're relaxing on a luxury holiday or hitting the slopes during ski season, we've got you covered.

Multi trip travel insurance

If you're a regular traveller, we’ll cover you for an unlimited number of trips per year, up to 42 days per trip.

Backpacker insurance

Whether you're volunteering or having an adventure trip, we'll cover you up to one year anywhere in the world. Ts & Cs apply.

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