Our student bonus accelerator is a unique car insurance policy that initially runs for 6 months instead of 12.

Then if you renew with Endsleigh after 6 months, this specialist policy will give you a discount equivalent to 1 year's no claims discount. Even better, at the end of the following 12 months cover, your policy will have earned you 2 years' no claims discount.

Need to know more...

  • What happens at renewal?

    At the end of the first 6 months we will calculate your 12 month renewal premium based on a 1 year's no claims discount. At the second renewal we will calculate with 2 years' no claims discount. So, if you're a student starting out with zero no claims discount you will build 2 years' with Endsleigh in just 18 months. In the unlikely event that you choose to leave us after 18 months we will issue you with proof of the 2 years' no claims discount earned with us.

  • What happens if I make a claim?

    Should you need to make a claim you will not earn any no claims discount against your renewal. However, if you are still a student you will be eligible to purchase another student bonus accelerator policy.

Terms and conditions apply

1. No claims discount will be earned providing no claims have been made (excluding windscreen claims or claims where all costs have been recovered).

2. 1 year's no claims discount is not transferable to another insurer at the first 6 month renewal.

3. If you cease to be a student, but have not made any other changes to your policy then we will continue this offer with the same insurer, provided that your new occupation remains acceptable.