Validation of your motor policy including no claims bonus

What proof do we need to see?

In order to obtain your no claims bonus discount, we may ask you for proof.  This needs to be

  • a copy of a renewal invite or cancellation notice from your previous insurer
  • a letter from them confirming your no claims entitlement

Your no claims bonus proof must also meet the following criteria:

  • Issued in the UK by your previous insurer
  • Less than 24 months old
  • In the name of the policyholder
  • Earned in the UK or ROI on a private car

How do I send you my no claims bonus proof?

Once you’ve checked that your no claims bonus proof meets all of these criteria, please send it to us. We will contact you to confirm once it has been received.

By email
This is the quickest and easiest way to send your documents to us. You can either send a copy of the document as an attachment or take a photo of your no claims bonus proof on your smartphone and attach this to an email together with your full name and policy number.
Email us at

By fax
You can fax us a copy on 01242 864921.

By post
If you're unable to send your proof by email or fax, you can send it to us in the post. However, please allow plenty of time for your document to reach us. 

Please send this to:

Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited
Validations Department
Shurdington Road
GL51 4UE

You have 14 days to get your proof of no claims bonus to us. If we do not receive it, your premium could be increased or your policy could be cancelled.

If you have any other queries relating to your no claims bonus proof, call us on 0800  923 4060. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, Saturday from 9am-5pm and Sunday from 10am-4pm.

Please note if you are a previous Endsleigh customer and you have taken out a new policy online rather than automatically renewing your policy. Please kindly email us at with your previous Endsleigh policy number in order for us to transfer your no claims bonus to your new policy.

Requesting information

Your no claims discount proof can be requested after the expiration or cancellation of your policy.

When you cancel your policy, we'll write to you asking for your certificate of insurance or your certificate surrender declaration to confirm your request to cancel your policy. Either of these two documents must be received before your no claims discount proof can be released.

Validating your details

Whenever you buy an insurance policy with us we carry out our own checks to ensure the information you have provided is accurate. We may contact you to validate some of your details soon after you have bought your insurance and we hope that you’ll be able to help us resolve any enquiries quickly.

Please remember it is your responsibility to check you have answered every question honestly and accurately before buying your policy.

Why do we validate insurance policies?

Fraud and misrepresentation can increase insurance premiums and at Endsleigh we are passionate about protecting our honest customers. By validating new insurance policies, we know we are providing you with the fairest price for your insurance, and that information we hold is correct.

We recognise that mistakes happen, so by validating policies we ensure a genuine oversight doesn’t become a problem if you need to make a claim.

When will we validate policy details?

Validation normally takes place at the start of the policy; however we may also validate details when a change has been made to a policy, or if there has been a claim.

How do we validate policy details?

On behalf of our insurers, we have access to a number of databases (such as the Claims and Underwriting Exchange). We will check your details against these databases to ensure the information provided by you matches what is on the databases.

How do we choose which policies to validate?

We validate all policies when they are purchased, but we will only contact those customers where there is a discrepancy between the information we hold on the databases and the information that has been provided to us.

What happens if the details I give you don’t match the databases?

If there is a discrepancy identified during the validation process, we will contact you to request an explanation and relevant supporting documentation, such as your driving licence, to ensure the information we hold is correct.

We understand that in most cases there may be a genuine reason for a discrepancy in the information we hold and we will always give you the opportunity to explain this to us.

What action will you take?

Our team is here to help. In most cases we will either, take no action, or ask that an additional premium is paid. In some cases the documentation provided may identify that a customer has overpaid in which case a refund will be given.

In cases where we identify that new information provided means that your insurer is unable to provide cover, we may ask customers to find alternative cover, or in serious cases we may cancel or void the policy.

Whatever the situation, we will keep you informed of any action that you need to take.

How long does the validation process take?

In most cases all details will be validated within 30 days of writing to you, but we’ll keep you informed throughout the process. If we contact you, it is important you provide any information and documents we ask for within the timescales stated within the letter we send you.

Are there any costs involved?

If we ask you to send us any information or documents, we will provide you with details of how and where to send it to us, including an email address.

If a change to your policy is required, we will charge an administration fee as well as any additional premium to correct your policy information.

If your policy is cancelled, we may also charge a cancellation fee in addition to any premium that is owed to us for the time you have been on cover.

If you are checking my details why do I need to answer the questions correctly when I get a quote?

It is your responsibility to answer the questions we ask during the quote process completely and correctly to enable us to provide an accurate price for your insurance. You should be aware that if incomplete or inaccurate answers are identified during our validation process, and your policy has to be changed, an additional administration fee will be charged.

How do I make a complaint about the validation process?

We work closely with the Financial Ombudsmen Service to ensure our process is clear and fair to all our customers.

We value customer feedback and continually look to improve our process, however if you are unhappy with the validation process and wish to make a complaint then please call 0800 085 8698 or email