What to do if your home is flooded

Unfortunately, sometimes there is very little you can do to prevent flood water from entering your home. If you've had to vacate your property due to severe flooding, returning home can be extremely difficult. Here are some things to bear in mind when returning home:

  • Take care: Tread carefully. Wear boots and gloves to protect you from hidden objects in the water
  • Insurance: Contact your insurer and begin to collect evidence to support your claim
  • Energy supply: Do not touch sources of electricity when standing in flood water. Get a qualified person to check your supply of electricity and gas or oil before doing anything
  • Ventilation: Open all of your windows. This will help to alleviate some of the smell left by the flood water
  • Food: Do not consume any food or medicines left in the house, even if it has been frozen
  • Mud: If you discover mud on both sides of a wall, shovel it away evenly so as not to create a build-up of pressure on one side
  • Cleaning: Once the flood waters have subsided, you can use ordinary household products and hot soapy water to clean surfaces and appliances
  • Temporary accommodation: Try to secure alternative accommodation as soon as possible

Home insurance for flooded properties

If your home has a risk of being flooded we could help you get insurance.