Flood prevention

Here are some tips to keep your property dry during flooding:

Shelving: Put your valuable items on high mounted shelves

Home entertainment: Hang TV and audio visual equipment from walls rather than placing them on units

Skirting: You can buy water resistant skirting boards or varnish boards to protect against water

Pumps: These can be bought and installed into an underfloor void to extract flood water

Walls: Protect walls by using a lime based plaster or by creating a draining system in cavity walls

Flooring: Use tiles rather than carpets which will resist water damage and be easier to clean and repair

Windows and doors: Synthetic or waxed doors and window frames will resist water damage

Kitchens and bathrooms: Choose water resistant materials such as steel, plastic or solid wood for furniture and fittings

Electrical appliances: Raise sockets so they are at least 1 metre above floor level and have no wiring at or below floor level