Great standard cover from the student insurer...

  • Loss

    Included as standard, many other providers charge extra

  • Recommended by NUS

    We're the only insurance provider NUS recommend

  • International cover

    Your gadgets are protected up to 30 days worldwide

  • Cracked screens

    We repair cracked screens, unlike some other providers

  • Liquid damage

    We replace your gadget if it's unrepairable

  • Theft

    If your gadget is stolen we'll replace it within 24 hours*

Plus as standard...

  • Save up to 15% when you insure 3 or more gadgets

  • If your item is lost, stolen or unrepairable we’ll replace it within 24 hours – 1 working day of your claim being approved.

Great standard cover from the student insurer...

Protecting multiple gadgets at university or college can be a real hassle. We know (because we look into these things) that most students have an average of three gadgets and own on average £2,883 worth of gadgets. They've become an indispensable part of university life.

Our new modular insurance allows you to add what you want, like a phone, laptop, bike and your general contents.  It also means you don't have to add cover not suitable for you.

Our flexible cover can give you what you need, all in one place.

So whether you need to cover just your phone, or your laptop, or both and contents as well, we'll give you a great price and cover you can trust.



Our cover is highly rated and our policy for laptops, phones and other gadgets includes many things as standard, like:

Loss - Included as standard, many other providers charge extra.
International cover - Your gadgets are protected up to 30 days worldwide.
Cracked screens - We repair cracked screens.
Liquid damage - We’ll replace your gadget, new for old, within 24 hours* if it's unrepairable.

Plus, you also have the option to add the following student cover to your policy:

  • Contents cover for items inside your room, such as clothes, desktop computers and course books
  • Bicycles and accessories
  • Musical instruments and accessories
  • Cover for lost or stolen keys, including swipecards
  • Tuition fees and rent
  • Legal cover
  • Possessions away from the home, such as jewellery

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Flexible insurance cover

There are loads of gadget insurance providers out there, so why should you give us your hard earned pennies?

We think there are a few things that make our cover different:

  • We're the only insurance provider recommended by NUS. Not many things in life get better once they hit 50 years old, but when it comes to choosing insurance providers, you'll want one that's been around for a bit (we're also recommended by the NUS) . Do a quick search online, you'll find the same can't be said about some of our competitors.
  • A great price, guaranteed. Let's be honest, insurance is not everyone's favourite purchase, so we guarantee you'll always get a great price. Our phone insurance starts from as little as 7p per day, based on a mobile phone up to the value of £100 (excluding Apple iPhones).
  • Lots of gadgets? Less hassle. Getting multiple gadgets covered is a hassle, we get that. That's why we've developed a single policy that makes it incredibly easy to cover them all in one place, and save up to 15% while you're at it.
  • Comprehensive cover, as standard. Our cover is highly rated and our cover for laptops, phones and other gadgets includes many things as standard that other providers charge extra for like loss, international cover, cracked screens and liquid damage.

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* 24 hours represents 1 working day from when your claim is approved.