Phones are essential to daily life; used for everything from sending texts and email to taking photos and playing games.

As we rely on our phones more, the risk of losing data and vital connections to friends and contacts increases.

Phone cover from Endsleigh is simply the best way to recover after accidental damage, theft or loss, making sure you stay connected.

What phones can you insure?

We can insure absolutely any phone, from the latest iPhone 5s and 5c to the oldest Nokia or Samsung.

We can cover against:

  • Theft

  • Cracked screens

  • Liquid damage

  • Accidental damage

  • Loss

  • Fire and flood

What are the benefits?

  • 24 hour replacement

    Replace with an equivalent phone within 24 hours of the claim being accepted - we’ll replace your stuff in double quick time.

  • New for old cover

    We’ll replace your phone with the latest compatible model.

  • Restore content

    We’ll help to restore all of your lost content, including music, movies and apps.