mobile phone insurance

Mobile phone insurance

Our mobile phones keep us entertained, on time and connected, so being without it can be unsettling. Keep yours safe with our great value phone insurance.

  • 24 hour phone replacement - if your mobile phone is lost, stolen or unrepairable we’ll replace it within one working day of your claim being approved
  • New for old cover - we’ll replace your phone with the latest equivalent model, or let you choose from our flexible settlement options

Off to uni?

If you're headed to university this year, student life can be pretty stressful at times. It's always best to have an insurance plan in place, just in case something was to happen to your mobile phone. Give yourself peace of mind and find out more about our flexible and great value student insurance →


What is mobile phone insurance and what is it worth?

Mobile phones. Not only are they the centres of communication and entertainment, but they play a huge part in our social lives. So when something happens to your phone, it can feel a little like you've lost a lifelong companion. Not to mention that you may need to find a few hundred pounds to cover the cost of a new handset.

If you've experienced that moment of dread when you realise your phone's disappeared, then you might want to consider mobile phone insurance.

To help you decide whether or not you need mobile phone insurance, here's the lowdown on what it will cover, and whether buying mobile phone insurance is worth the investment.

What is mobile phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance works like any other form of insurance that covers the cost of broken, lost, or stolen items. In the event of a claim, you will usually receive a settlement that equals the amount of cover you've requested at the start of the policy, or a replacement smartphone - however, this will be dependent on the type of cover you've taken out.

What does mobile phone insurance cover?

Phones and gadgets covered anywhere in the UK and up to 90 days worldwide. Plus, we’ll replace them within 24 hours* of your claim being approved.

Insure multiple gadgets and get up to 15% off!

Gadgets must be under 3 years old when you take out your policy with Endsleigh.

Is mobile phone insurance worth it?

When deciding whether or not to insure your mobile phone, you should treat it the same as insuring any of your other belongings - if you can't afford to lose it, then it's probably a good idea to insure it.

Have a history of losing or dropping your phone?

Buying mobile phone insurance could mean that you save money on buying replacement phones, and reduce the risk of being without a phone when you rely on it.

Limited budget?

If the cost of replacing your expensive handset makes your eyes water, getting mobile phone cover may help give you the peace of mind that no unexpected costs will arise because of a missing mobile phone.

Rely on your smartphone?

If your smartphone is an integral part of your life, whether it's storing personal data, recording lectures or organising your schedule, you won't want to wait until you can get hold of a replacement.

So, is mobile phone insurance worth it? Well, if your smartphone is a large part of your life, there's nothing worse than the realisation of a missing phone. If that sounds like you, taking out mobile phone insurance could give you the peace of mind that you need.

Why choose Endsleigh for mobile phone insurance?

With over 50 years’ experience providing mobile phone insurance solutions to students and graduates, Endsleigh understands what’s important to you. So, we shape our products and services to meet your ever evolving needs, protecting your valuable items throughout university and beyond. Whether that’s for your car, gadgets or travels, you can be sure we will give you peace of mind, leaving you to enjoy all your adventures.

Are you covered? Perhaps you're not sure how to get mobile phone insurance? Find out more and request a quote with us today.

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