Redundancy cover ensures that you can pay your mortgaged or rent and other major monthly outgoings should you be made redundant. It pays a tax free income in the event of becoming unemployed. It continues to pay a percentage of your income for a maximum of 24 months or until you secure another job.

What are the benefits?

  • In the event of redundancy, the policy provides financial stability by ensuring essential costs such as rent can be met and also helps you maintain your standard-of-living.

  • You can choose the amount of cover you need (typically up to a maximum of 50% of gross income) and the policy pays out a fixed tax free income for a maximum of 24 months or until you secure another job

  • Cover is also available if you are self-employed and there is an option to add cover to replace your income lost in the event of an accident or sickness

Why choose Endsleigh?

  • We’ll find the best priced policy on the market to suit your needs

  • We can cover all of your insurance needs, giving you peace of mind from one contact point

  • Our advisors will explain the details of your cover over the phone in plain English; so it’s easy to arrange and there are no forms to fill in

  • Each year we review your policies to ensure they match your needs and offer you the best value

  • Legal Helpline to help you with redundancy matters and tax information

  • Flexible deferred periods allowing you to choose when your benefit payments start