Whereas life insurance only pays out on the death of the policy holder (or, with some policies, if you are terminally ill and are going to die within 12 months), critical illness cover will pay a benefit should the policyholder be diagnosed with one of a number of different serious illnesses or become permanently and totally disabled.

The cover can be taken out in conjunction with a life insurance policy or on a standalone basis.

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Critical Illness cover is suitable for anyone who would experience financial difficulties if they were to be diagnosed with a critical illness, or become permanently and totally disabled. Even without dependents it is important to consider whether or not it is possible to get by without an income to fall back on.

The state will provide benefits up to a point, however after 28 weeks of being too ill to work you would have to take and pass a test to check your ability to do any type of work. This could mean that even though you were unable to work in your previous role you may be able to take alternative work. If you fail such a test your benefits may stop.

Endsleigh's financial advisers are able to help guide you through the best critical illness cover options available to you and can discuss further the benefits and differences between life insurance and critical illness cover. We are able to compare insurers from the UK market place on your behalf.

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