International student insurance solutions

Whether you are looking to protect your students' welfare, generate additional revenue or enhance your proposition, Endsleigh has developed a range of solutions enabling you to integrate the provision of insurance into your existing operation.

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Language school insurance

Endsleigh has a proven track record of delivering unique and compelling propositions in the education sector.

Endsleigh has worked closely with insurers to develop an exclusive commercial insurance package for all English UK members.

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Why choose Endsleigh?

We provide a range of effective and innovative insurance solutions designed for universities, language schools, colleges and commercial organisations and have been doing so for over 25 years.

We work closely with leading organisations such as English UK, UKCISA and the National Union of Students to ensure our products remain relevant and market leading.

For education providers, student insurance is more than an additional revenue opportunity; it provides peace of mind that your students have cover in case the unexpected happens. We also provide a dedicated pension and commercial insurance scheme. This is why over 100 English language teaching institutions and private learning organisations choose Endsleigh.

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