Plugging in your black box

Not sure how to plug in your black box?

Find out more about what an OBD port is and how to find it in your car below. 

But before you do anything else...

Please read the EU declaration of conformity

(This is the legal stuff to assure you that your black box meets all the essential requirements for EU regulations and is safe for you to add to your car)

Just 4 simple steps before you're on the road with Endsleigh Loop...

Before you can get started tracking your driving information via the Endsleigh Loop app, you'll need to install the black box in your car. Here are 4 simple steps to make sure you're implementing it correctly.

1. Turn the ignition off

2. Find your car’s OBD port.

If you’re unsure where this is, you can check your car’s handbook.

Alternatively, you can enter your details into the handy black box location checker below - just enter your car's make, model and year.

3. Plug your self-fit box into your OBD port

Press firmly until the box is securely in place

4. Check your email

You’ll get an email to confirm if this was successful and whether we’re receiving data from the box

You’ll get a link to set up your driving feedback account in the next 48 hours. It’s really important you do this so you can see how you are driving

Your first set of driving feedback will arrive in around 10 days, as long as you’ve driven 40 miles or more. If you don’t get it let us know!

Not got the email or the self-fit box doesn’t work? Just email: or call: 0333 2309 272

What’s an OBD port?

An OBD, or an on-board diagnostics port if you like to be fancy, is a technical term for a socket in your car that can give out data on how the car’s performing. But we’re only interested in the how you’re driving bit.

Not found what you're looking for? Visit our black box FAQs.