Important information about your black box insurance

Before you do anything else...

Please read the EU declaration of conformity

(This is the legal stuff to assure you that your black box meets all the essential requirements for EU regulations and is safe for you to add to your car)

Important documents

(Here you can find out more about what's covered under your black box insurance (as well as any additional covers you've selected), your policy terms and conditions and information about how we keep your data safe.)

Terms of Business Agreement

Endsleigh Loop Privacy Policy

Endsleigh Loop Rewards Terms and Conditions

Endsleigh Loop Rewards: Useful Information

Policy Wordings

Endsleigh Loop Policy Wording

Replacement Vehicle Policy Wording

 Legal Cover Policy Wording

Breakdown Cover Policy Wording

Insurance Product Information Documents

Comprehensive telematics car insurance

Third party, fire and theft telematics car insurance

Full UK and european breakdown insurance

Full UK breakdown insurance

Legal expenses insurance

Roadside and recovery breakdown insurance

Roadside breakdown insurance

Replacement vehicle insurance

How we use your data

All your data, including the telematics data we collect from your Endsleigh Loop device, is safe. The only people other than Endsleigh Loop that have access to it are our partners (like your insurers or our customer service team) - and they have a legal obligation to keep it confidential.

You can get more information about how we use your data in our privacy policy

Endsleigh Loop fees and charges

We charge fees to cover the costs involved in setting up, servicing, cancelling and renewing your policy. There are also some fees and charges associated with the telematics device. 


You can find more details about the services we provide to you in your Terms of Business Agreement.

New business administration fee

This fee covers costs associated with setting up your telematics policy. This fee is non-refundable if the policy is cancelled.


Renewal administration fee

This fee covers costs associated with renewing your telematics policy. The fee is non-refundable if the policy is cancelled.


Mid-term adjustment fee

This fee covers the cost of servicing your policy when changes need to be made, e.g. change of address.


Administration fee 14 day cooling off period

If you cancel within 14 days of buying your policy we will not charge a fee. However, there will be no refund of the new business arrangement fee or the renewal administration fee.


Cancellation fee after cooling period

This fee is charged if your policy is cancelled more than 14 days after you bought it.


Policy termination fee

This fee is charged if we cancel your policy as a result of incorrect information being provided to us.

Endsleigh Loop Device

You can find more information about terms and conditions for the Endsleigh Loop device in your policy wording.

Charges that apply during a period of insurance, after either:

  • an Endsleigh Loop box has been supplied (and where applicable, fitted) as part of a new policy; or
  • your own Endsleigh Loop box has been reactivated
If you damage or tamper with the Endsleigh Loop box other than a a result of loss or damage in an incident involving a claim under your policy, Endsleigh Loop may charge you for repair / replacement. £120 Repair / replacement charge (fitted black box)
£65 Repair / replacement charge (self-fit box)

If you change your car...

You can remove the self-fit box and install it in your new car £0 There is no charge if you transfer your self-fit box to your new car
Endsleigh Loop will not remove a fitted black box from your previous car. Therefore you will need a new Endsleigh Loop box to be supplied and fitted to your new car. £120 Change of car (installing a new fitted black box in this replacement car)
If you miss an arranged Endsleigh Loop fitting, repair or replacement appointment without giving Endsleigh Loop at least 24 hours' notice or; £55 Short (or no) notice cancellation charge
If the car is modified, converted, customised or in an unfit state to install an Endsleigh Loop box and Endsleigh Loop decide not to fit one. £55

After your policy has lapsed or cancelled...

If you require Endsleigh Loop to remove the fitted black box £90 Removal charge
If you miss an arranged Endsleigh Loop box removal appointment without giving Endsleigh Loop at least 24 hours' notice £55 Short (or no) notice cancellation charge