Tenant rental property responsibilities guide

According to our recent survey, nearly 30% of tenants surveyed agreed that they are often unaware or unclear.

What to take on holiday

Packing for a holiday can be an art for some of us, or a challenge for others. Here are a few things you should consider when packing for any trip.

Festival survival guide

You've paid over £200 for a ticket, sorted your wellies and tent, mentally prepared yourself for the mud and prayed for sunshine. This can only mean one thing: festival season is upon us! If you're a festival newbie then there are a few things you might want to know beforehand.

Studying abroad tips

Studying abroad can be an exciting and nerve-wracking time. To put your mind at ease, here are 12 tips to get you on your way.

Summer driving tips from the RAC

13 May 2016

The RAC give us some tips on how to avoid problems on the road when it comes to driving this summer.

How to choose your student accommodation - Student Source

13 May 2016

Student Source talk you through the different student accommodation options available for first years.

What to do if you breakdown

14 Apr 2016

The RAC gives us their expert advice on what to do if you breakdown.

Planning your Interrail trip

Student Blogger, James Jackman, talks us through the 5 key things you should think about whilst planning your interrail trip.

12 ways to travel the world for less

11 Apr 2016

Travelling doesn’t have to mean going to the other side of the world to have a good time. Here are our top tips on travelling the world for less.

Prepare yourself for driving abroad

11 Apr 2016

According to the RAC just under six million of us are expected to take our own cars to Europe this year, here are some tips from the RAC to help you feel at ease driving abroad.

Using social media to create your personal brand

11 Apr 2016

Looking for jobs after university can be hard but helping your personal brand online may help give you the edge over other candidates. Here are our top tips on using social media to build your personal brand.

Endsleigh’s helpful moving house web tool

06 Jan 2016

Whether you’re searching for a new place to live or you’re thinking of moving – Move Me In is designed to help you every step of the way.

Eight tips for safe cycling

Time to think back to the hazy memories of those cycling proficiency exams many years ago and put those basic skills into practice. Here are a few useful tips to ensure you’re safe whilst cycling, saving you scuffed knees and hefty fines.

5 signs you'll never get over uni

03 Mar 2016

So how do you know if this is you? Have a look at these tale-telling signs and if you relate to them, we feel your pain, big time!