When you’re supporting others, we’ll support you.

As a student on a course where you’ll lead to a key worker role, we know your time at uni will be slightly different than the classic university experience. Long hours, placements, still having to keep up with your studies… although rewarding, it can be hard work! That’s why we want to be there for you and provide you with as much support as we can.

We’ve put together some resources to help you look after your health and manage your time and budget. Plus we’re giving you an exclusive keyworker discount to insure your possessions - because whilst you’ve been getting ready to train to help others, we’ve been getting ready to help you. 

Your socially distanced student guide

It can be easy to feel isolated at university, especially this year. Find out how to stay connected at university, even with social distancing.


What type of fresher are you? *Quiz*

Interested to know what type of fresher you’re going to be? Take our “What Type of Fresher Are You?” quiz below and discover your fresher identity!


How we’re helping students find their feet post-covid

Endsleigh, NUS and Totum have got your backs. We’re here to provide student support as COVID-19 changes the 2020 uni year. Head here for helpful student resources


Download your FREE budgeting spreadsheet

Budgeting is one of the most important things you’ll need to learn at uni. Download MoneySavingExpert’s FREE budgeting spreadsheet to help.


How to be yourself: Reasons why it's REALLY important

Uni is about being yourself, not finding yourself. Check out these 7 tips teaching you the importance of being you and how to be yourself as a student.


11 study apps students shouldn’t be without

Procrastination is a word you’ll probably be very familiar with as a student. We’re bringing you 11 study apps for students that you can use to beat procrastination and power through your uni work!


25 ways for students to earn extra money

Struggling on a student budget? Perhaps you don’t need to. Click here for 25 ways to earn extra money as a student, plus some tips on saving money too!


Keeping in contact with friends and family at uni

Navigating student life can be hard at first. So you don’t let your old life slip, here are some ways to keep in touch with family and friends at uni.