Easy to remove wallpaper


We’ve all been there, we’ve moved into a new place and the walls are just not our cup of tea. Whether they’re too plain, too bright or (worse) too stained and scuffed, fabric wallpaper may be your interior saviour!

With just a thin piece of cotton fabric and some homemade wallpaper paste, Jessica from How About Orange injected a little bit more personality to a dull white door. 

Starch Mixture

To make the paste, slowly mix in 4 cups of water with 3/8 cups of cornstarch on the hob until the powder is dissolved. Boil until thickened and then let it cool. While you’re waiting for your paste to cool, measure out the fabric you need to cover your area – don’t worry about any handles or locks at the moment, you’ll cut them out later. 

After brushing the area with the paste, stick your fabric to it, then apply the paste on top of the fabric itself. Make sure you smooth out wrinkles and bubbles as you go!

Smooth Fabric Trim Lock

Use a craft knife to cut out any knobs, handles – or anything else that you don’t want covered. Once the fabric dries, you’re done!


The best thing about this method is that you can peel off the fabric wallpaper when you move (or just fancy a change) and the wall and paint underneath won’t be damaged. It’s a great way to make a rented property feel a bit more like home.