Keep your home safe this Christmas

Naomi Soanes

Christmas is one of the riskiest times of year. Read our top tips to keep you home safe this Christmas.

Completion day costs

Kerry Day

Now that you’ve completed on your new home, here are some of the potential additional costs that you might not have thought of.

How to choose a mortgage advisor

Kerry Day

Before buying a property, you need to find out how much you’ll be able to borrow for a mortgage. Here are some tips for choosing a mortgage advisor.

What types of mortgage are there?

Kerry Day

Here’s a breakdown of the most common types of mortgage deals and products.

What do legal expenses cover under my home insurance?

Naomi Soanes

Here’s a breakdown of the most common covers provided by the legal expenses section on your insurance.

Should I buy a property?

Kerry Day

Here are a few things to consider before deciding to buy your first home.

Stay safe whilst shopping online

Naomi Soanes

From strong passwords to anti-virus software, here are some top tips for staying safe whilst shopping online.

How to prepare your home for winter

Naomi Soanes

As we approach the winter months, the changing weather conditions can cause damage to your home. However, with a few easy steps you can prepare your property for the long, cold months ahead.

How to fix a shelf to a wall

Endsleigh Insurance

Fixing a shelf to a wall is one of those classic DIY tasks. Done incorrectly, however, and it could come loose and cause some damage. So before you pick up a screwdriver, here’s a quick guide on what to do.