Is there a curfew with black box insurance?

Black Box

Endsleigh Loop allows you to drive when you need to, and we do not restrict the time of day you can drive. Different times of day offer different hazards, so you should consider this when driving at night or during periods of the day you are unfamiliar with. 

Are there limits on how far I can drive with black box insurance?

When you take out your black box insurance policy you will give us your estimated annual mileage, which we then use to calculate your insurance premium. It’s important to keep within this mileage – however, if you think you might go over or your circumstances change you are able to contact us to update this, usually at an additional cost.

In general, we do not restrict how far you can drive in any individual journey or in total with black box insurance. You’ll just need to keep an eye on your total mileage to make sure you don’t go over your annual estimate, as your premium could increase.