How do I find out what year my property was built?



We are unable to provide you with this information at quote stage, it is down to you to find out the age of your building.  

If you are in the process of buying the house, ask your seller or their agent.  As part of a sale, the seller must complete a 'Seller's property information form' which may contain the property's age.  If you have a mortgage, your survey may say how old the building is or your local authority may have a record of when planning permission was granted.  If you are renting then it is likely your Landlord will have this information to hand.

If you have an older house, you could:

• Search the 1862 Act register on Land Registry's digital archives. It contains information on 2000 properties, which you can search for free.

• Look at the architectural style and features of the house, particularly the roof and position of the windows. The Valuation Office Agency gives tips on estimating the age of a property using such details.

• Check your parish records, county record offices or your local library which may have local archives.

• Check historical editions of Ordnance Survey maps.

• Contact a local history society to see if they can help you.

• Look at census returns made at ten year intervals between 1841 and 1911 to find a first mention of the address.