Cyber insurance for academies

Protection for your academy against a range of cyber threats and exposures. From data breaches to system interruption, we’ve got your academy covered.

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What does cyber insurance for academies cover?

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Cyber incident response costs

Including IT forensics, legal, breach notification and crisis communications.

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System damage and business interruption

Including full data re-creation, income loss and extra expense and more.

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Network security and privacy liability

Including management liability arising from cyber events and regulatory fines and penalties.

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Including social engineering, theft of personal funds, cyber extortion, ransomware attacks and more.

What is cyber insurance for academies?


Cyber insurance will protect your academy against a range of threats and exposures, including cybercrime, data breaches and system interruption. Cyber insurance has become more and more important for education providers over the past 20 years due to the increased reliance on technology and the importance of protecting their digital assets.

Why cyber insurance for academies with Endsleigh?

Award-winning cyber claims team

An on-call team who are at hand to help you through any cyber event – including immediate access to a wide range of services.

Seamless claims experience

Regular communication about your claims process from an expert team who work closely with adjusters and underwriters.

Technology-enabled recovery

Cutting edge technology from a dedicated in-house incident response team. Helping detect and prevent attacks, plus recover faster from incidents.

Frequently asked questions

What’s covered with cyber insurance for academies?


Cyber insurance primarily protects against operational interruption losses caused by cyber events, cybercrime and privacy breaches. With Endsleigh’s cyber insurance, your academy will be covered for:

  • Cyber incident response costs (including IT forensics, legal, breach notification and crisis communications) 
  • Cybercrime (including social engineering, theft of personal funds, cyber extortion, ransomware attacks and unauthorised use of computer resources through crypto jacking or botnet attach) 
  • System damage and business interruption (including full data re-creation, income loss and extra expense, additional extra expense, consequential reputational harm and hardware repair and replacement)
  • Network security and privacy liability (including management liability arising from a cyber events and regulatory fines and penalties) 
  • Media liability (including defamation and intellectual property rights infringement)
  • Technology errors and omissions
  • Court attendance costs

What types of cybercrime does my academy need to be aware of?


Academies hold a lot of sensitive information and therefore need to be aware of the cyber risks involved so they can be prevented. There are various types of cybercrime. These include:

Funds transfer fraud is the most common type of cybercrime our insurer’s claims team sees. This scam involves fraudsters stealing login credentials, accessing systems and rerouting wire transfer payments into fraudulent accounts.

Ransomware and targeted extortion attacks – which most often cause losses from operational interruption. These attacks are not only frequent, but can be incredibly expensive. In recent years, the sophistication of these attacks has made it more difficult to recover files, which can lead to extended system downtime and reputational harm.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to corporate identity theft.

Privacy breaches where sensitive data is lost or stolen. In this instance, the business will need to notify affected individuals and regulators depending on their jurisdiction. And in some cases provide follow up services like credit monitoring.

Thankfully, these risks are covered under many cyber insurance policies – including ours at Endsleigh.

Why academies need cyber cover


Any academy that uses technology to operate has a need for cyber insurance. This could include storing data online, making or receiving wire transfer payments or using software in their day-to-day operations. Due to the increasing reliance on technology, it’s fair to say that this includes almost every education provider!

However, cybercriminals aren’t only targeting data-rich organisations. They’re also increasingly targeting traditional industries that hold almost no sensitive data at all. This could be through ransomware attacks that halt operations or business email compromise scams that result in wiring payments to fraudulent accounts.

The DfE and the National Cyber Security Centre have issued warnings for an increased risk of ransomware attacks to the education sector.  Just look at this case study from CFC to read about real-life cyber-attacks on academies like yours.

What does a cyber insurance policy for academies look like?


Our cyber insurance policy contains a range of first party coverages – for losses that the policyholder experiences themselves – as well as third party coverages – for losses that a third party experiences, but which the policyholder might be responsible for.

With nearly all cyber insurance claims stemming from financial losses experienced by the academy directly – such as ransomware and funds transfer fraud – three of the main sections of our policy are for first party coverages.

These include:

  • Incident response, which picks up the costs associated with responding to a cyber incident such as forensic investigations and legal advice
  • System damage and business interruption, which helps keep academies up and running by covering the costs of data being restored
  • Cybercrime, which covers the financial losses associated with a range of digital crimes like social engineering, extortion, crypto jacking and more.

Network security and privacy liability, our major third-party insuring clause, covers things like the transmission of harmful malware to a third party’s systems or failing to prevent an individual’s data from being breached.

What cyber risk management services are offered for academies?


Endsleigh’s cyber insurance policy is supported by a range of risk management services from the insurer. These include:

  • Phishing-focused employee training
  • Cyber risk awareness videos
  • Cyber risk rating reports
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Cyber incident response planning tools

Each of these is designed to either prevent, detect or respond to cyber events.

In addition, you’ll get access to an award-winning mobile app that provides your academy with proactive threat intelligence on the most critical cybersecurity risks relating specifically to your organisation, all delivered directly to your phone.

On the app, you can also access additional risk management tools like deep scanning, get cybersecurity advice 24/7 through the ‘Ask the Expert’ function, and get immediate assistance from a specialist team in the event of a cyber incident through instant claims notification.

Cyber insurance guide


Looking for a guide which explains how cyber risk and insurance has evolved, and how a good cyber policy addresses these modern exposures? Check out this cyber insurance guide.

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