What is charity public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects organisations against the cost of compensation claims made by members of the public - such as clients, volunteers, service users, customers or contractors – for injury, illness or damage to property. This only relates to claims that have arisen as a direct result of your operations or premises.

Typically, insurers would look to provide a minimum of £5 million, increasing to £10 million for larger organisations if specific contracts stipulate the need for this level of cover.

Charity public liability is becoming a much more sought after area of insurance, as many companies will request copies of your public liability insurance before they allow you to hire out their premises, undertake a fundraising event on their site or even when you bid for funding.

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What does charity public liability insurance cover?

By taking out public liability insurance, you will be covered against the costs of legal action and compensation made against your organisation should a member of the public injure themselves or damage their property. This could be a client, customer, volunteer or simply a passerby that happens to get injured in relation to your premises – such as tripping over a sign that’s used for promotion outside of the premises.

Public liability insurance will cover costs relating to:

  • Third party illness
  • Third party injury
  • Loss of damage to third party property

What’s an example of a charity public liability claim?

One of your volunteers slips in liquid while working at a charity-organised event. They smash their mobile phone and injure themselves badly in the process, leaving them unable to continue their full time job whilst they recover. The volunteer makes a claim against your organisation for loss of earnings as well as seeking compensation to replace their broken mobile phone.

The public liability section of your charity insurance policy will provide cover for both of these claims, as well as legal support should you have to attend court.

How do I get charity public liability insurance?

Simply request a quote with us, and our team will be in touch with you to discuss your options regarding public liability insurance. We understand that investigating charity insurance can be extremely time consuming, as it’s important to find the right cover that suits the needs of your organisation. That’s why we make our public liability insurance process simple and straightforward, taking the time to understand the requirements of your organisation and tailoring an insurance solution to meet your needs.

Remember, the cost of your public liability insurance premium may be affected by the size of your charity as well as the nature of your organisation. You’re likely to be asked what sort of fundraising you carry out and the types of clients you work with, so have this information to hand when you get a quote.

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