Unfortunately the Endsleigh prepaid travel card is temporarily unavailable. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused.

As an Endsleigh Travel Card supplier you can save you customers money by offering them better ways to manage their money abroad. The card is another way of offering your customers more options.

How does it work?

The Endsleigh Travel Card, a MasterCard prepaid card offers you an alternative way to carrying cash and is a convenient solution to travellers cheques i.e. no need to visit money exchange bureaus. You can make purchases using your prepaid card or withdraw cash from an ATM. Costing only £9.95 it provides a convenient means of carrying your holiday cash for spending while you are abroad.

Your funds are held in an online account and can be transferred to your Endsleigh Travel Card as and when required for extra security. Funds can also be transferred to your card via over 36,000 locations in the UK including PayPoint and the Post Office.

The Endsleigh Travel Card is accepted at over 32 million locations worldwide including 1.5 million ATMs – just look for the MasterCard Acceptance Mark.

What are the benefits?

The Endsleigh Travel Card is a tool to help you stay in control of your finances on holiday, by controlling the amount you pre-load onto the card and helping you manage your budget. You can keep a track of your spending via SMS balance enquiries or reviewing your transactions online. You can also determine the cost of your overseas transactions before you purchase via the complimentary exchange rate tool that comes with the card that can be accessed via SMS or online.

The Endsleigh Travel Card could also help reduce fraud – if your card is lost or stolen whilst abroad thieves won’t have access to your bank account or credit card details. You can block your card online, via SMS or phone if it’s lost or stolen.

The Endsleigh Prepaid MasterCard, operates in a similar way to a credit or debit card. Using this card will provide you with the ability to purchase products and services in both the UK and worldwide. Although prepaid cards are not covered under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the monies you deposit with Newcastle Building Society to fund your Endsleigh prepaid card are conveniently held in trust in a separate Client Funds bank account, and are therefore protected should they face insolvency.

The card has been set up with two key programmes; each offering a wide range of benefits depending upon your circumstances.

  • A convenient way to spend money overseas

  • Hold funds in your eccount and move onto cards as and when required

  • Instant block/unblock or cancel the card if lost or stolen

  • Instant Top-up from the eccount to the card(s) in emergencies

  • A modern alternative to travellers cheques or carrying cash