Tenant referencing serves to reduce the risk of taking on problematic tenants, protecting your landlords by providing a clear assessment of prospective tenants, allowing for a more informed decision.

Our specialist tenant referencing service for letting agents is powered by Experian, rendering it one of the most comprehensive and advanced services available. The service offers instant online tenant checks in order to detect bad credit histories, previous bankruptcies or CCJs, as well as a more complete profile which includes employer and landlord checks along with a decision.

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If you're an existing customer and have a query about an ongoing reference, contact Experian on 0333 00 00 235.

If you're not already registered and would like to sign up for the tenant referencing service, contact Endsleigh on 01242 866 909.

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Affordability - Income validation score indicates the degree of confidence in the income stated by the applicant.

Authentication - Incorporates Voters Roll check and Experian's Authentication score.

Adverse data - Public information check for CCJs, bankruptcy and voluntary agreements.

Tenancy score - The score indicates the likelihood of the applicant to default on their rental payments. Receive a score on fraud potential.

Comprehensive references include everything from the instant report, plus...

Affordability of the rental share using the income validated by the income referee.

Income reference - Where the applicant is employed, self-employed or retired, income and employment are verified.

Landlord reference - Previous landlord is contacted to establish whether there were payment issues or if any dilapidation was recorded (tenant reports only, not included for guarantors).

Decision - Automated consistent decisions using sophisticated scoring technology to increase decision speed.