We’ve designed a comprehensive rent guarantee and legal expenses product that is easy to use and provides protection to both landlords and letting agents.

How it works:

Once a policy is activated, you can add properties online at any time for either 6 or 12 months. Add a tenancy.

Each property has its own start and expiry date so you can keep track of what is covered.

Cover features:

  • Nil excess

  • Serving of Section 8 and Section 21 notices included

  • £50,000 worth of legal cover

  • Covers up to £5,000p/m rent arrears

  • Post eviction cover of up to 75% of the previous rental amount for up to 2 months after vacant possession

  • Access to a 24hr legal advice helpline

  • Cover pays out for a maximum of:

    4 months out of 6 on a 6 month policy, 6 months out of 12 on a 12 month policy

Key exclusions/limitations:

  • Any legal action must have reasonable prospects of success

  • Any dispute within 3 months of taking out the cover unless the tenancy agreement started less than 14 days prior to inception or immediately prior to inception you had a policy in force covering the same tenant(s)

  • Any costs incurred without Insurers written consent

  • Claims must be notified within 60 days