Buy to let mortgages are designed for landlords who buy property specifically to rent out. These mortgages are usually more expensive than normal mortgages, but they could help you become a property investor.

With Endsleigh, we'll give you your own personal mortgage adviser and we'll do as much of the paperwork for you as possible. We also offer landlords insurance.

Why choose Endsleigh?

Whether you're looking to become a first time landlord or already own a portfolio of properties we can research the whole buy to let mortgage market and potentially save money on your monthly mortgage repayments.

We will find out your specific requirements and then search the buy to let mortgage market to find the best deal for your individual circumstances. We will provide full advice and recommendations and because we are not tied to any mortgage lender we will offer you whole of market advice.

We understand how time consuming finding a buy to let mortgage can be and therefore remove this burden from you, searching the mortgage marketplace on your behalf, including many mortgages only available through brokers.

Some questions to ask yourself

  • Are you willing to tie up your money for the long term?

  • Are you comfortable with the fact the property prices can go down as well as up?

  • What will you do if you have periods without tenants in your property?

  • Will your projected rental income cover your mortgage and the other costs of owning a property?

  • Have you taken advice on the implications of owning a buy to let property?

Things to consider

  • Will I need a deposit?

    Yes. Buy to let mortgage lenders generally ask for a minimum deposit of 25%. There are some lenders who may consider a 20% deposit, although the mortgage fees will usually be higher.

  • Do I need to own my own home in order to take out a a buy to let mortgage?

    Lenders prefer you to own your own home - this could be with a mortgage or outright. Lenders usually also look for a minimum level of earnings.

  • Are interest rates on buy to let mortgages the same as residential mortgages?

    No, interest rates on buy to let mortgages are usually higher than residential mortgages.

  • How do lenders work out how much I can borrow?

    Lenders usually work out the amount you can borrow by taking into account the potential rental income you will receive. Typically they will ask for this rental income to be around 25-30% higher than your monthly mortgage payment.

  • What are the tax implications of owning a let property?

    When you sell your buy to let property, any profit you made is potentially liable to capital gains tax . In addition any rental income you receive in excess of your monthly mortgage interest payments and certain allowable expenses is liable to income tax. We recommend that you speak to a tax specialist.