Helpful advice for charities and voluntary organisations

As specialist charity insurance brokers, we want to provide you with information about any queries you may have regarding your voluntary organisation. At Endsleigh we understand the difficulties and challenges that face non profit organisations today. We are dedicated to making sure that all the support and guidance that you may require is at your disposal as and when you need it.

Get more information directly from the charity commission or the home office websites below.

Charity essentials

You duties as a charity trustee and how to run your charity effectively.
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Charity accounting and reporting

What you need to send to the Charity Commission each year, how detailed your charity's accounts and reports need to be and why they are essential.
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Charity governance

The principles of good governance, plus detailed guidance on managing your charity's resources, managing risk and environmental responsibility.
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Charity activities

How to remain independent and for the public benefit, and how to get maximum benefit for your beneficiaries by working with other charities.
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Specialist guidance

Tailored information and resources for different sizes and types of charity, plus resources for charity advisers, local authorities and other audiences.
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Child Protection Policy

Information on Child Protection Policies which you will need to create and implement if you are regularly working with children and/or vulnerable adults.
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Volunteering guide from Ecclesiastical.