Turnover above £100,000

Turnover under £100,000

Insurance for charities

With more than 30 years’ of understanding and over 3,000 third sector customers already choosing Endsleigh as their charity insurance brokers, we are very experienced in working with a wide variety of charities – from small voluntary groups to large national charities.

When it comes to insurance for charities, we have access to an online quote engine for smaller organisations needing an instant solution for cover such as public liability. This enables us to provide these organisations with a tailored solution that meets their needs.

For larger organisations with more complex insurance needs, we have an excellent personalised service with a dedicated Account Executive for handling your policies and undertaking policy reviews with you during the year. This bespoke service is designed to help businesses of any size maintain their brand reputation and give their customers peace of mind.

Many charities hold sensitive data and are becoming increasingly at risk from cyber attacks. Whether it's deliberate, malicious behaviour, accidental information loss or simply a system failure, cyber insurance is key to ensuring you're fully protected against any potential costs or damages.  

With our experience in this market, we attract the interest of specialist charity and not-for-profit insurers who can provide competitively priced packages of charity insurance that are tailored specifically to suit your needs.

Please note: If you have a turnover of over £100,000 you would be deemed a large charity.

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Insurance for community centres

Community centres and village halls are at the very heart of the neighbourhood and provide a valuable service to the public. Making sure that you have the right village hall or community centre insurance can be difficult, as there are lots of different elements to consider. Here at Endsleigh we can tailor an insurance package to suit your needs. 

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What is cyber insurance?

Because many charities and social enterprises hold sensitive data such as personal medical records, they are becoming increasingly at risk of cyber attack. This is why cyber insurance is becoming increasingly more important. Although hacking is often reported in the press, deliberate malicious behaviour is only part of the problem.  Data loss can also be caused by a computer virus or simply by an employee losing a laptop. 

The cost of fixing problems caused by a data breach can soon escalate, not to mention the time spent managing an investigation, or business downtime caused by problems with your website or loss of reputation. Spending time sorting out these issues is not productive for any business, particularly charities.

With cyber insurance you’re not only covered against loss of income and any claims made against you, but you also have access to legal advice and a team of experts to help minimise the damage caused to your business. You'll be able to maintain brand reputation and mitigate any damage by assuring people that their donations, data and other important information are secure.

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Insurance for places of worship

We work with a number of religious organisations and can arrange cover for any religious buildings as well as the organisation’s activities.

We can provide cover for Churches, Temples and Gurdwaras to name but a few, and we currently work with many religious organisations all over the UK to arrange their insurance needs.

How to protect your charity from fraud

With fraud costing UK charities up to £2 billion a year, it’s becoming increasingly important for charities to protect themselves against both internal and external risks.

3 tips to prepare your charity for GDPR

On the 25th May 2018, The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force, and will be implemented in the UK via the government’s new Data Protection Bill.

How to protect your charity from cyber attacks

As you begin to prepare for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on 25 May 2018, read about protecting yourself against cyber risks, and how to mitigate the impact a data breach may have on your organisation.