Our public liability insurance provides financial support in the event of injury to a member of the public or damage to their property for which you are legally responsible.  Every business needs liability cover to protect themselves.

If an accident were to occur on your business premises to a member of the public and cause a severe financial loss could you afford to cover the cost? If not then liability insurance is a must for your business.

What we can quote for:

If you can not answer yes to all of these questions then unfortunately we can not provide cover.

  • Any business that employs 3 or more employees and,

  • Any business that has a wage roll in excess of 60k and,

  • Any business that has a turnover of over 250k.

What should you consider when taking out public liability insurance:

  • How much cover do you need? 1 million-10 million?

  • Are there any specific risks that are individual to your business that need to be considered?

  • What risk management is currently in place?

  • What risk management improvements could be made to lower your potential premium?