Last minute European breaks before Uni

The final summer before you start university. Months of being free from exams and coursework, without a care in the world. You’ll probably spend countless hours in your home town, perhaps working to build up your cash reserves before uni begins. To help you make the most of this summer without breaking the bank, why not take a city break? We’ve put together a few destinations, which make the perfect last minute budget holiday

1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is built for weekend breaks in the summer. Along with the usual cultural attractions (like the castle, zoo, etc.) the city explodes with an array of festivals. From the Jazz & Blues Festival to the International Festival and of course, the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the city pushes itself to the forefront of the world stage every year. However, with all these events, you’ll have to book your accommodation quickly.

2. Lille

This beautiful city is located in the north of France. Only an hour and a half from London, Lille offers picturesque streets in the old town, a large park with a 17th century citadel inside and more bars and restaurants than you could ever need. All this without the high prices you’d find in Paris.

3. Lisbon

Forget about beach holidays and get yourself to the capital of Portugal. Lisbon is easily reachable from the UK and offers cobbled alleyways leading to tabernas, amazing views (the city is located on several hills) and an incredible nightlife. The city is right by the sea as well, so beaches aren’t too far away if you do fancy a dip!

4. Copenhagen

For culture fans, Copenhagen is a must. With a rich history of art and literature, you’ll spend days going around the museums and galleries. If that’s not your thing, how about Tivoli gardens, a theme park in the middle of the city? Or a stroll along the waterfront to take in the sights of the colourful buildings and canals? Just a short flight from the UK, it makes for a great city break.

5. Brno

A city in the Czech Republic that is often overshadowed by Prague, Brno is worth a visit. With only a fraction of the tourists found in Prague, you’ll find it easier to appreciate the amazing scenery, cool cafes and even the underground tunnels. Without the crowds as well, you’ll get to experience Czech city life as it really is.

There we have it, five city break destinations that you can enjoy this summer – you had better act quickly, the summer won’t last forever!

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