5 road trip car games

Whilst road trips are great, you’re likely to be a lot more excited about the destination than the journey; but that doesn’t mean the journey can’t be enjoyable.

To help you stay entertained during your road trip, here are our five favourite car games for you to try. But remember, don’t distract the driver!

1. Name that song

Simple, but effective, all you need for this one is a music library, a car stereo, and a good memory for music. Take turns playing tunes, whilst everyone else has to guess both the song and the artist.

The key here is to pick obscure songs that people won’t be able to guess as you gain a point every time no-one knows the answer. You could also include extra rules, such as only being allowed to pick songs of a certain genre, or playing the song on repeat until someone is able to guess it!

2. 20 Questions

An old classic, allow the other passengers up to twenty ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to guess what you’re thinking of. It could be themed, such as ‘famous people’ or ‘TV’, or you can keep it generic to make it even more difficult to guess.

3. The yellow car game

You won’t notice until you’re really looking for them, but there are very few yellow cars on the road – which means they’re perfect for this game. The aim of the game is simple – shout every time you see a yellow car!

4. The alphabet game

This is a good one for long car journeys, as the game can last as long as you want it to. Pick a theme - for example, films - and go through the letters of the alphabet picking films that start with that letter. This is not so much a competitive sport as a way to while away the time.

5. Road trip bingo

This game will take some prior planning, but the other passengers will be grateful for your organisation! Before you set off, make a list of things that you’re likely to see on your road trip – this could include anything from passing wildlife, to landmarks – and the other passengers have to cross them off every time they spot one of the items. And of course, don’t forget to yell ‘bingo’ when everything’s been found!

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