Tips for a happy student house

Moving into a student home can be an exciting, yet nerve-wracking, time. To help you feel prepared, we have compiled a list of useful hints and tips to get you settled and make your student house feel like home.


It can be difficult to make your house a home when you’re renting, particularly if you’re on a tight budget, or can’t hang anything up on or paint the walls, but it can be done. There are plenty of simple decorating solutions, such as upcycling your furniture or creating a gallery wall, that can make your student house more homely.


Keeping on top of chores will mean that you, your housemates, and your landlord stay happy. Make sure everyone has a part to play best suited to them. Creating a cleaning rota is often a great way to ensure everyone shares the household responsibilities fairly.

Communal money pot

This could be useful if you all want to contribute a certain amount each month to pay for essential items such as bin bags, washing tablets, and washing up liquid.

Reporting a problem

If a problem occurs, notify your landlord or letting agent immediately. Make sure the problem is recorded and action is taken as soon as possible.


Keep the property well ventilated as this will prevent damp and mould developing. In the bathroom, use extractor fans or open the window slightly after a bath or shower (making sure you close any open windows before you leave the property).


Before you move out, refer to your contract to check for any clauses about the expected standard of cleaning for when you leave. The property should be left totally free of rubbish and recycling.

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