7 essentials to take to uni

You’ve been accepted into uni, you’ve found out which halls you’re in, and now it’s time to pack. It can often be tricky to know what to take, especially as it’ll probably be your first time moving away from home on your own.

So to help you out we've compiled a list of must-have items in order to get you prepared.

Rubber gloves 

Students aren’t always the tidiest! So it’s best to bring a handy pair of rubber gloves for cleaning and washing up.

Thick skin

University will be a great learning curve for you, especially in facing different situations and solving problems.  Things like being away from home, having to deal with deadlines, relationship issues or even dealing with mishaps can be made easier with a thick skin and a positive mentality.

A good relationship with your parent(s) or guardian

Don’t forget about your Mum and Dad, try and make some time for them. Your first time away from home is also their first time away from you. Make time for that phone call, even if it’s just for 10 minutes, or set up a family WhatsApp group to stay in touch.


Your room is an area you’ll probably be spending a lot of your time in, so making sure it feels nice and homely will help to curb any home sickness you may experience. Putting up pictures of your family and friends is a great way to add personality and an element of homeliness to your room.


Backpacks are a great way to carry around all your books and supermarket shopping. Because no one enjoys lugging around a handful of plastic bags filled with heavy jars!


It’s often easier to work from home, especially if the library is full, closed or far away. Having a laptop will give you the option to work from home, a café or even at a friend’s. Other gadgets such as tablets and kindles can be handy for reading articles and textbooks online.

Student insurance

It’s important to be prepared and protected for those unexpected moments. Getting a dedicated student insurance to cover your possessions and gadgets against damage or theft will give you added peace of mind.

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