Where is the clumsiest place in Britain?

Let’s face it, we’re all culprits of being slightly careless with our gadgets on occasion. Whether it’s dropping your smartphone down the toilet, having a selfie-related incident or leaving a tablet or laptop on the bus, losing or damaging your valuables can be both costly and upsetting.

But are there some places in the UK are slightly clumsier than others?

We were keen to find out, so we did some research into whether your location really could affect how clumsy you are. This is what we discovered:

Where is the clumsiest place in Britain?

You might be thinking to yourself, “how could your geographical location possibly affect how clumsy you are?” And we thought the same thing… that is, until we saw the data.

Whether it’s because the gravity is stronger, or perhaps there’s something in the water, our research shows that the Midlands is the clumsiest place in Britain, accounting for almost a fifth (17%) of all gadget claims made in 2017.

London came in a close second, accounting for 16% of all gadget claims in 2017. So if you live in either of these locations, you might want to take extra precautions to protect your beloved gadgets - just in case the unexpected happens.

Which are the clumsiest names in Britain?

Again, it may seem unlikely that your name could affect how clumsy you are when it comes to losing or damaging your gadgets. However, our analysis of over 2,500 mobile phone claims revealed that people called Hannah and James were more likely to lose or damage their smartphone than any other.

On the flip side, Chris, Anne, Sally and Stuart were revealed amongst the nation’s least clumsy individuals with the fewest number of mobile phone claims made in 2017.

Does the make of the smartphone affect anything?

According to our data, yes it does.

If you’re considering upgrading your smartphone, then you might want to consider the make of the phone beforehand, as our research shows that owners of Samsung handsets were far more likely to lose or damage their smartphone, accounting for 23% of all claims made in 2017.

This is in comparison to Apple smartphone users, who accounted for just 16% of gadget claims.

4 tips for keeping your gadgets safe

Even if you do have a particularly clumsy name (we’re looking at you, Hannah) or live in a clumsy location, there are some simple steps you can take to protect your gadgets:

1. Avoid the back pocket

One of the easiest ways to protect your phone is to avoid putting it in your back pocket. By leaving it there, not only is there a higher risk that it’s going to be sat on, but it also leaves your phone a lot more vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

Stay on the safe side by popping your phone in a safe place, zipped up and out of sight.

2. Get a screen protector

Whether it’s a small chip or a huge dent, there’s nothing more irritating than a cracked phone screen. And with the average Samsung screen repair costing upwards of £99.99 (rising to £136 for an Apple smartphone screen replacement), this is probably a cost you’re not going to want to absorb.

Avoid the dreaded cracked phone screen by investing in a screen protector. Although electrical items are becoming much more resilient, this will ensure that your screen is kept clean and scratch-free.

3. Keep it locked up

If you’re planning on leaving your gadgets at home, then it’s common sense to make sure that they’re locked up and out of sight.

However, your gadgets shouldn’t just be locked up in the physical sense. Make sure you create a strong passcode for your gadgets, as this will prevent anyone from picking up your gadget and having immediate access. The longest passcodes are hardest to crack, and should include a mixture of numbers, letters and symbols.

4. Make sure it’s covered

Even if your name’s not Hannah and you don’t live in the Midlands, accidents do still happen, and it only takes a second for a gadget to be lost or broken for good. That’s why it’s important to take out suitable gadget insurance for your belongings, as this will help you to stay connected when it matters most. With suitable gadget insurance in place, even if your beloved gadgets are lost, stolen, or broken, you won’t have to be without them for too long.

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