What To Do After A Car Accident

Being involved in a road traffic collision can be shocking and unsettling, and if it’s the first time, you may be unaware of the process following an accident. Read our guide on what to do after an accident, from admitting fault to what information you may be required to provide.

Where should I take my car following an accident?

The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that the driver of the vehicle must stop at the scene of the accident, regardless of the severity of the collision. If you have a warning triangle, place it well before the obstruction to make it safe for other drivers on the road.

Do you need to call the police after a car accident?

You should call the emergency services if:

• Anyone has been injured • The road is blocked • Anyone has left the scene without leaving their details

If someone has been injured during the accident, you should call the police on 999 as soon as possible. If you don’t require an emergency response, you should call the emergency services on 101 instead.

Should I take photos of the accident?

Try and take photos to support the positions of the vehicle and the extent of the damage. Photographs are good to have on hand when it comes to evidence needed for insurance claims. Pictures of the accident will also be a big asset if a personal injury lawsuit is filed as a result of the collision.

What information need to be exchanged after an accident?

Collect the following information following the accident:

• Vehicle registration number(s) • The name, address and telephone numbers of any drivers involved in the accident • The number of passengers in each vehicle and name and address of anyone who is injured • The name, address and telephone numbers of any witnesses of the accident • The name, telephone number and constabulary of any police officer who attends

Provide your own details to anyone who has reasonable grounds for requesting it.

Should I admit fault after a car accident?

No – you should never admit fault – even partial fault – for a car accident. Even if you believe you were to blame for the accident, you may not be aware of all factors that contributed to the collision happening. Provide a factual statement, but do not speculate on what was the cause of the accident. If you’re unsure of something, it’s okay to say so.

Should I contact my insurance company after a car accident?

You should always inform your car insurance company about an accident as soon as possible, even if you don't want to make a claim. Failure to do so within the time period set out in your policy may invalidate your cover.

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