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What can I do if I don’t want to ski?

There may come a time when you’re convinced to go on a winter sports holiday with no intention of actually hitting the slopes – after all, it isn’t for everyone. If you’re one of those people, we’ve pulled together our top five activities to partake in on a winter holiday, that don’t involve a piste.

1. Go for a winter walk

Even if you don’t enjoy skiing or snowboarding, the nature of ski resorts means that you’ll be surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests. Add to this the perpetual snowfall, and you’re essentially holidaying in a winter wonderland. And because skiing and snowboarding are purely winter activities, over the summer when there’s no snow, keen walkers flock to these areas to take advantage of the mountainous walking routes. So pull on your snow boots and go exploring, but make sure to stick to the marked paths.

2. Try your hand at sledding

Although you might not fancy skiing or snowboarding, sledding is the perfect family friendly activity – just hop on and speed down the piste! You could purchase a sled from one of the shops at your resort, or usually tour operators will arrange sledding activities so you can meet new people, whilst staying safe on the slopes.

3. Build a snowman

There’s one thing you can guarantee at a ski resort, and it’s plenty of snow! And what does everyone do when there’s plenty of snow? Build a huge snowman of course. So wrap up warm and take a flask of something warm to drink before spending the day perfecting your creation. And don’t forget to take some old clothing garments and a carrot to decorate it with!

4. Have a spa day

More often than not there will be a spa somewhere on the ski resort so that people can relax and warm up after a long, cold day in the snow. Check with your hotel reception or speak to your tour operator to find out where the best spas are in the area – your fellow travellers will undoubtedly be envious of your freshly-pampered glow once you emerge.

5. Après-ski

After spending the day at the spa or in the snow, no doubt you’ll be ready and raring to dive into some après-ski. Après-ski is the all-encompassing term for post-ski activities, which usually involves a stein or two! But there’s always an array of activities on offer in the evenings to help you wind-down; from pub crawls to sleigh rides, you certainly won’t be lacking for something to do!

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