Quick driving tips

Here are some quick tips to keep on top of your cars maintenance needs.

1. Check the oil once a month

Locate the dipstick, pull it out, wipe it, put it in again and then read the levels. Most dipsticks will tell you how much it needs. If you do need an oil top-up, make sure that you put the right type in; otherwise you could ruin the engine. If you don’t check the oil regularly, it can affect fuel efficiency and the general health of the engine.

2. Check your cars water levels

Cars need water too! It can be dangerous to run out of water for washing the windscreen when driving. Always check before a long journey, and be sure to mix in some washer fluid to stop it freezing in the winter.

3. Antifreeze

Inexpensive and vital for every car owner. One squirt of antifreeze and you can clear any ice off the windows. Make sure you have a scraper otherwise you’ll be there forever with a bank card! Try not to pour boiling water on frozen glass, as the glass can expand too fast and crack or shatter.

4. Be prepared for a breakdown

Keep a first aid box, high visibility jacket and reflective triangle in the boot of your car so that you’re prepared should you break down.

5. Learn how to change a tyre

How many of us can actually change a car tyre on the road side? It’s a good idea to practice at home so you can be ready.

6. Check your cars lights

Once in a while get a friend to check all the lights are working, including the brake lights. If the police catch you with broken lights you can get an ‘on the spot fine’ and points on your license.

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