Travel and holidays

Protect yourself abroad

From keeping your money safe to getting insured, here are our top tips for staying protected and safe whilst travelling abroad.

Separate your money

So you’ve changed all your cash for your big adventure and now you need to look after it. The best way to look after your cash is to not keep it all in one place. Use a couple of wallets or purses and keep them in different safe places – the hotel safe, your suitcase, the bottom of your travel bag. At least if one of them gets lost or stolen, you’ve not lost your entire cash supply.

Don’t stand out

Try not to draw too much attention to yourself as a tourist, as this could make you a target for theft. Try learning key words in the local language, plan your agenda before you go and try not to take too many selfies in front of all the tourist attractions!

Watch the nightlife

When going on night out during your travels take necessary precautions and don’t drink too much, especially if you don’t know your environment and even the language.

Using a cheap phone for nights out so you don’t have to take your smart phone with you is popular practice in the UK and something that could be very useful when abroad too. At least if you lose that old Nokia, you’ve got your more expensive handset back at the hotel.

Make sure you’re insured

Travel insurance might not be at the top of your list when planning your exciting get away. However it’s really important to cover yourself against those unpredicted moments involved in any holiday; from losing your bag, to flight delays and getting ill abroad.

When it comes to travel insurance there are a number of different types of cover available. Policies should cover you for medical expenses, repatriation services and baggage loss or theft.

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