Teachers: How To Keep Your Phone Safe At School

For every professional, keeping a mobile phone on them throughout the day is important. It serves as a way of getting in touch with family if need be, and is also likely to be used when travelling to and from work.

But for teachers, keeping your phone safe at school isn’t always easy. Read on to discover our top tips for how to keep your phone safe at school, both inside and outside of the classroom.

How to keep your phone safe inside the classroom

Many teachers will teach from one classroom designated to them. Sometimes though, other teaching staff may need to use the room for other activities such as out of school tutoring or detention. That’s why it’s important to keep your phone safe inside your classroom.

Passcode encryption

Make sure you set a passcode as well as setting up face recognition if possible. Make sure you keep any passwords discreet though. If you take out your phone and a student sees you type in the password, this could jeopardise your phone’s security. To keep your phone secure, change your passcodes regularly.

You can also lock your apps with a passcode. This way, if your phone fell into the wrong hands and they managed to unlock your home screen, at least your apps would be protected with a different passcode.

Store it in your bag, and keep it out of sight

Your phone isn’t your only valuable possession. Your bag is, too. Keep it stored away in your handbag, rucksack, laptop bag or briefcase, and make sure it’s out of sight. Some teachers will keep theirs locked away in the desk drawers, with the key kept about their person.

How to keep your phone safe outside the classroom

Keeping your phone safe in the classroom is one thing, but how about outside of the classroom? Going to the staff room for lunch, supervising break times or even conducting a PE lesson present plenty of opportunities for your phone to be stolen or lost.

Don’t stash it in your pocket

If you keep your phone in your pocket it may slip out when sitting down, or even fall out if you’re teaching PE or moving around. Keep your phone safe in a locker, or pop it in your bag, locked in your desk drawer.

Arrange a phone amnesty

Everyone can be tempted to check their phone during break time – but this could heighten the chance of it falling into the wrong hands. Why not set up a “phone amnesty”, where staff agree to keep their phones hidden away for a set number of hours?

What if it gets stolen? Or lost?

In the unfortunate event of your phone getting damaged, lost or stolen, you may be at a loss of what to do next. Losing a phone can be stressful especially when it contains messages from family and treasured photos. That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right gadget insurance in place for your phone.

You may also have a tablet or laptop that needs to be kept safe at school. Whatever the gadget is, we can give you peace of mind that it’s protected with our gadget insurance for teachers. Not only will you be covered for accidental and liquid damage, but you can enjoy a 15% discount if you insure more than one gadget on your policy.

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