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Keeping a cool head during exam season

With exam season fast approaching, no doubt your workload is increasing at an alarming rate, and you’ll likely be starting to think about revision timetables and arranging study groups so that you can share some last minute knowledge.

That’s why it’s especially important to look after yourself during exam season so that you are in the best shape to ace your exams. With this in mind, here are five tips to help you keep a cool head this exam season.

Eat properly

There’s no denying that it’s more convenient to visit the library vending machine and stock up on snacks than it is to trek all the way down to the canteen for a proper meal. However, it’s particularly important to eat healthily when you’re revising so that you have the energy you need to be able to retain information. Prepare meals the night before, or cook some meals for the freezer so that you can eat healthily with minimal effort.

Organise your notes

Whilst everyone starts out the year with good intentions, for most people their folders and notebooks will be a scrappy mess by the time exam season rolls round. When it comes to revising, keep a tidy desk with clear revision notes so that you can easily find information when you need it.

Get plenty of sleep

During exam season, it can be very tempting to stay up later and wake up earlier in an attempt to fit in more revision time. However, it’s important to understand how much sleep you need to be able to revise effectively, and try to fit it into your daily routine.

Exercise regularly

Whether it be a 5K run or a leisurely stroll round the park, exercise is proven to help with concentration, and will also keep you healthy during exam season so that you can better fight off any potential coughs and colds. Find some time throughout the day to enjoy some light exercise – even if it’s just doing some weights in your room with your revision notes propped up next to you!

Take a break

Despite everything outlined above for you to fit into your already busy schedule, it’s still important to make time to rest throughout the day. Add scheduled breaks to your revision timetable so that you can comfortably have a rest without the fear of not fitting in everything you wanted to achieve that day. Make sure to fully wind down in the evenings before going to bed, as this will ensure you get a high quality sleep when you do drift off.

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