Introducing… the new Samsung Galaxy S9

There’s been a lot of rumours of late surrounding the new Samsung Galaxy S9, which will be officially unveiled at the Mobile World Congress on 25th February 2018. Whilst we don’t have the full details of the changes from the previous Samsung mobile, there have been various insider leaks over the past few weeks which can give us an indication of what to expect of the S9 prior to the official unveiling. Not only this, but Samsung have released a series of teaser trailers which show off some of the latest smartphones various exciting developments.

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Here’s a summary of what we can expect of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

It’s got a brand new processor

Samsung have recently revealed their new smartphone processor, the Exynos 9 Series 9810, which is to be included in their new range of S9 mobile phones (although some countries will be excluded from this, namely the United States). Upgrading the processor will optimise the S9 for all sorts of updated technology, including the new slow-mo camera. However, whilst it’s likely that the new Samsung mobile will also have an extended battery life as a result of this upgrade, it will only benefit from 4 GB of RAM, the same as the previous model, the S7.

The camera's getting an upgrade

In the run up to the launch Samsung released a series of teaser trailers, the most exciting of which displaying some pretty cool slow motion effects implying that the new 12 megapixel rear camera will include ‘Super Slow-Mo’ video. With capability to shoot up to 1,000 frames-per-second, this will be a major selling point for any avid film-makers. Another teaser also seems to show low-light capability, meaning you will be able to capture shots in the dark.

It has an updated sound system

Historically, Samsung have been a little reluctant to upgrade the sound system in their mobile phones, opting for a single speaker in the majority of their models. To put this into context, Apple (who are notoriously slow at adopting mainstream features such as this) have been including stereo speakers on their devices since the iPhone 7 was released in September 2016. Now, it seems, Samsung will also be jumping on the bandwagon by including stereo speakers in the new S9, with one speaker at the top of the device and one at the bottom. Judging by early images of the latest device, there’s also a high likelihood that there will be a headphone socket, something that’s been omitted from a lot of recent models of smartphone, such as the iPhone X. As such, this will be a huge benefit for any users that prefer wired headphones.

3D emoji capability

As you may remember, last year's iPhone X included an upgrade from plain old emojis to ‘animojis.’ Well, it appears that Samsung have been working on their own version of the animoji, with the S9 upgraded to include ‘3D emojis.’ 3D emojis will work by effectively scanning your face and creating a 3D animation based on your facial movements and expressions. You will then be able to send these to your friends by using them in place of normal emojis, and the technology is rumoured to be even more advanced than the animojis included on the iPhone X.

Facial Recognition software

Whilst the Samsung Galaxy S8 included an element of facial recognition and unlocking, this was nothing in comparison to the Face ID technology introduced with the iPhone X, which takes a 3D scan of your face for stronger security. The S9 will likely follow on from the facial recognition software used in the Galaxy Note 8, which combined the iris scanner and face recognition software for this increased security.

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