Introducing… The new iPhone X

Apple have just officially launched the new iPhone 8, which will go on sale on September 22nd. But whilst there was a lot of buzz around the new iPhone 8, Apple also announced the release of something a little more futuristic – the iPhone X.

To help you decide if you’ll be upgrading, here’s a summary of the main features of the new iPhone X.

1. There’s no home button

Apple had a vision of a phone that was essentially all screen – and that’s exactly what they’ve given us. The new display fits from edge to edge and top to bottom, creating an entirely immersive feel. If you want to go back to the home screen, all you need to do is swipe up.

2. Wireless charging

How often have you been out and about and realised you don’t have any battery, and even worse, you’ve left your charging cable at home? That’s no longer a problem with the new iPhone X – all you need to do is place your iPhone on the charging mat.

3. Facial recognition

How great would it be if our phones actually recognised us? Well, now it does! With the iPhone X, you simply look at the phone, and it identifies your face, learns who you are, and even tracks how your face changes over time – it’s like having a tiny person living in your pocket!

4. Animojis

Aside from the other more practical additions, Apple have also upgraded emojis to animojis – you can now share dozens of animated emojis that you control with your face. A feature we never realised we needed!

5. New and improved studio-style camera

As well as retaining the dual rear camera setup found on the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone X camera has studio quality lighting effects, meaning your selfies will be more flattering than ever before!

The new iPhone will be available for pre-order on 27th October, and released generally on 3rd November.

If you’re investing in the new iPhone, have you made sure that you have suitable insurance in place? The iPhone X starts at £999, so it could work out incredibly costly if it were to break. To find out more about covering your gadgets, visit our website

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