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How to fix a shelf to a wall

Fixing a shelf to a wall is one of those classic DIY tasks. Done incorrectly, however, and it could come loose and cause some damage. So before you pick up a screwdriver, here’s a quick guide on what to do – but don’t forget to ask the permission of your landlord or managing agent if you’re living in rented accommodation.

  • Choose wisely– it’s important to choose the right fixing for the wall in question, otherwise you’ll have a hard time attaching your new shelf.
  • Check first – make sure that the area of wall you’ve chosen is not concealing any hidden pipes or cables.
  • Mark it out – use a spirit level to set the correct angle for your shelf, marking the area in question on the wall with a pencil. If you’re using wall plugs for the shell, mark the length of these on the drill bit with a piece of tape.
  • Fix the bracket – insert the wall plugs, ensure they’re flush with the wall using a hammer, then attach the shelf bracket and fix with a screw.
  • Secure the shelf – once you’re satisfied that they are level, fix the shelf unit to the brackets.

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