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How do I secure the rental property I want?

Last updated: 25/11/20
It goes without saying that things are operating differently in 2020. You should always check government coronavirus guidance in your area and take this guidance into consideration when reading any other online content.

With more and more people choosing to rent a new home rather than buy a property, competition in the rental market is high. This means it’s becoming all too common to find a property you’d like to rent, only to be told that somebody has already snapped it up.

So how can you avoid this happening? Follow our tips to maximise your chances of securing your dream rental property.

Look the part

Once you’ve got that viewing sorted, making a good impression is essential. In the current ‘seller’s market’, you need to do everything you can to sell yourself to the letting agent or landlord. Looking respectable and trustworthy can make you an attractive prospect.

Act the part

The letting agent or landlord will be watching how you behave so be respectful when walking around the property. Simple things such as, closing doors you have opened and taking your shoes off when entering the property can make all the difference. Make sure you’re on time for viewings, be contactable and be quick to respond to their calls and texts.

Be prepared to act quickly

As the saying goes, ‘you snooze, you lose’. You won’t be the only one viewing the property so if you really like it, act quickly afterwards to avoid disappointment.

Get your paperwork ready

Acting quickly means you need to have your paperwork ready to go; otherwise you’ll be pushed to the back of the queue. Check with the letting agent or landlord beforehand if you’re unsure what paperwork is required. You’ll usually need photo ID and two separate proof of address documents, you may also need to give references.

Get your finances in order

Make sure that you can afford the deposit and any up-front costs required. If you’re renting via an agency then bear in mind that you’ll be required to pay some additional charges.

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