How a black box could improve your driving skills

We’ve spoken before about black box insurance, what it is and why it can help new/young drivers get affordable car insurance. In addition to money-saving perks, driving with a black box can also shape the way you drive, helping encourage you (or your children) to drive as safely as possible.

So, with your best efforts and your black box’s help, what areas of your driving can you expect to be improved on?

Your black box will monitor the following four areas of driving:

• Speed
• Braking
• Acceleration
• Cornering

How does a black box help you drive at a sensible speed?

Young drivers are more likely to be involved in a speeding-related accident. This seems like a big statement to make, but it’s based on actual statistics. This is because younger drivers are thought to underestimate the dangers related to speeding. Therefore, as unfair as it may seem, young driver insurance prices tend to be higher to account for this risk.

Black box insurance is essentially a way of insurers saying:

‘Hey, we know that all young people aren’t the same. So let us monitor how you drive for a while and if you drive well, it’ll reduce the cost of your next quote.’

Lots of people look for ‘black box driving tips’ to get advice on how to drive with a black box. But just having the telematics equipment and driving carefully and within the speed limit is all you need to do. Your insurer will then monitor your driving skills, give you a score to work with and reward you with future discounts if you’ve driven well.

Having a black box makes you more conscious of the way you drive and therefore helps you to create positive driving habits, avoid speeding and stay safe.


How does a black box help you brake safely?

Did you know that out of all the warning signs of bad driving, harsh braking is number one? Not only can harsh braking cause accidents and harm to other vehicles/people, it can also damage your car’s brakes – which may cause you financial and safety issues in the long run.

When you have black box insurance, your braking skills are closely monitored. And what’s even better, is that if continuously drive well, you’ll be rewarded for those skills you’re continuing to develop! The knowledge that you’re being monitored (and hopefully rewarded) will help you make a conscious effort to brake well. And there’s also the knowledge that if you drive poorly… your insurance price could increase!

How does a black box help your acceleration skills?

A huge factor of any road traffic accident risk is acceleration. Fast acceleration can increase chances of you having a collision. So if you do accelerate quickly, you’re more at risk.

A black box will monitor your acceleration skills and along with the above, use this driving data to give you a score to help you improve. You can then work on this score and hopefully secure yourself lower premiums in the future.

Smooth accelerating won’t only keep you safe and lower your next quote, it can also help reduce your fuel consumption (and therefore, cost), reduce wear and tear on your car and also reduce your car’s environmental impact.


How does a black box improve cornering skills?

Cornering is the final element of your driving that is monitored with a black box. Reckless cornering can lead to losing control of your vehicle, your car rolling and even leaving the road.

By monitoring your cornering skills, insurance companies will gather driving data from the black box installed in your car and give you a score to work with. Just like the above areas of driving, being able to regularly monitor your score will let you work towards improving it and lower the cost your future insurance premium.


In a nut shell, a black box helps improve four elements of your driving by monitoring you when you drive. You’ll then be provided with regular feedback which you can use to improve your score and stay safe on the road.

Think of it as a challenge: Drive safely, improve your score and be rewarded with discounted insurance in the future.

If you’re a new/young driver (or a parent of a new/young driver), why not consider black box car insurance with Endsleigh? We’ve been there for students and new drivers for over fifty years, helping lead the way in affordable insurance that doesn’t break the bank. Take a few minutes out of your day to get a quote and find your possible.

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