Student life

From halls to a student house

Last updated: 25/11/20
It goes without saying that things are operating differently in 2020. You should always check government coronavirus guidance in your area and take this guidance into consideration when reading any other online content.

Now you've settled on who you want to live with and decided on how much you’re going to spend on rent and bills; the next step is to find somewhere to live. The good news is there are a number of tools to help you track down your ideal student house.

University accommodation offices

A good place to start is your university accommodation office. The staff there will be able to help you through the process of securing a property. Properties on these lists will be in high demand, but remember to make sure you are 100% happy with the house, its location and your housemates before you commit to signing a contract.

House hunting websites, apps and tools

There are lots of websites to help you find the perfect student property. Rightmove, Prime Location and Zoopla are all good places to start, offering you plenty of choice. Most of them have the advantage of free apps, meaning you can constantly be on the search.

Letting agents

Letting agents are a really useful way of finding a property. Local agents are likely to have great knowledge of the local area, helping you make sure you’re living somewhere safe. It also means you have another contact to speak to with questions or concerns before and during your tenancy.

Noticeboards and newsagent windows

Local landlords and letting agents will often display offers for accommodation on noticeboards on your university campus. Keep an eye out for adverts in the windows of local newsagents as well, as good offers can sometimes be found in this way. Just make sure that the landlord or letting agent is accredited.

Word of mouth

Do you know someone in the year above who could recommend an area to live or a good landlord? If you know someone who is already living in a student house, it might be worth finding out if you can move in after they leave. This way, you can get to know how good the landlord is and what the house is like to live in throughout the year.

Local newspapers

Local newspapers can be a great way to find student houses - however these properties can often be snapped up pretty quickly. So if you see something that takes your fancy, get on the phone as soon as possible to arrange a viewing.

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