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5 signs that you’re mysterious

There’s always one housemate that’s slightly more mysterious than the rest. Despite their name being on the tenancy agreement, they’re often nowhere to be found with the only evidence of their residence being the odd dish left in the sink.

And this is largely due to the fact that the mysterious housemate likes to be out and about with their friends, (although none of their housemates have ever met them) and doesn’t like making too detailed a plan for group activities – better just to take the ‘wait and see’ approach!

If you have a suspicion that you may be the mysterious housemate, here are five ways to tell…

You don’t like to spend too much time in one place

One of the key signs of the mysterious housemate is that they’re pretty elusive. Whilst you’ll like to check in with your housemates fairly often, you may feel a little restless if you spend too much time in the house. Whether it be a solitary trip to the cinema, or an evening down the pub, the mysterious housemate is never at a loss of how to spend their time.

You never reply to the group chat

Although you read all the messages in the group chat so that you can keep track of what everyone’s up to, you’re also unlikely to reply to messages for fear of tying yourself into a specific plan – who knows where you’ll be in a month’s time! Your friends and housemates shouldn’t take it personally though, it’s just a bit overwhelming trying to keep up with the conversation!

You may have an irregular sleeping pattern

Being out and about all the time does tend to have a knock-on effect on your sleeping pattern. Although you don’t always intend to stay up late, when you’ve somehow ended up all the way on the wrong side of town, it can be a bit of a mission to get home. Because this seems to be a frequent occurrence for you, you don’t tend to reappear at the house until the rest of your housemates are asleep.

You know everyone on campus

Because you don’t spend that much time at home, you’ll frequently visit various places both on and off campus, which means that you get to know a lot of people. You may not be on texting-terms with a lot of them, but you’re fairly confident you’ve come across most people in passing at some point in your uni career.

You always show up when it counts

Although you never respond to the group chat, that doesn’t mean you’re not clued up on what’s happening and when. You always make the time to attend the important events, (even if you haven’t let anyone know you’ll be doing so) and because you’re not around as much, people always appreciate your company even more.

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