Student life

5 signs that you're adventurous

In every student house, there’s that one housemate that always seems to be off on their next adventure, whilst the rest stay in and watch Netflix until the early hours of the morning.

But university is all about learning, meeting new people and trying new things that might be outside of your comfort zone, which is what adventurous people are built for! Think you might be the adventurous housemate? Here are five ways to know for sure…

You’re sociable

Part of having an adventurous nature is not feeling nervous about meeting and talking to new people. You don’t give in to your insecurities, and this means that you tend to be the life and soul of the party and are always willing to introduce new friends into your inner circle.

You’re tempted by extreme sports

Whilst partaking in the likes of skiing, climbing and paragliding might seem like a scary prospect to most people, for you it’s just a standard weekend activity! You love a challenge, and the adrenaline rush you get from extreme sports it’s just an added bonus to trying something new and exciting.

You welcome competition

What’s life without a bit of healthy competition? In fact, you tend to perform better under pressure, and the element of competition adds just that little bit of excitement to everything.

Studying tends to get left to the last minute

Because you tend to be out meeting new people and engaging in new activities, occasionally studying does get left to the last minute – you often need the fear of not completing the task to actually get things done. But luckily your competitive spirit helps with this – after all, a deadline is pretty much just a race against the clock!

You’re always willing to try new things

Of course, you wouldn’t be particularly adventurous if you weren’t up for trying every new activity that comes your way. Whether it be a new bar, society or restaurant, you’re keen to absorb as many experiences as possible during your time at uni.

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