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Depop & covid: 6 tips for selling on Depop during coronavirus

Depop is a huge cash generator for many students across the UK, with one Leeds Uni student making £40,000 in one year! Selling your old stuff is a perfect way to make money to buy new things and keep yourself up to date with the latest fashion.

But with second-hand selling being such a hit for sometimes cash-strapped students, how can depop sellers make things as safe as possible for those getting thrifty? Here are a few ideas.


1) Clean the item before sending

This is one of Depop’s longstanding rules anyway, so you shouldn’t need to do anything different. Before selling any item, you’ll need to clean it as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You should be able to find the washing instructions on the inside tag of clothing garments, or even online.


2) Don’t mention “COVID-19”, “coronavirus” or “2019nCoV” anywhere in your listing

You shouldn’t use “COVID-19”, “coronavirus” or “2019nCoV” in any part of your depop of your depop listing. Presumably, this is because the most important rule of second-hand selling during coronavirus has always been compulsory for Depop sellers. Listings including these key words will be removed by Depop and you may lose any potential buyers if your listing is removed after being live for a period of time.


3) Don’t ship whilst in isolation

Depop’s general guidance is to ship safely and follow local government guidelines. Naturally, you’d presume that this means not to ship anything if you’ve been exposed to coronavirus.

If you’re in isolation, whilst you won’t be leaving the house, you may be tempted to opt for home collection services (for example Royal Mail are now offering a collection service) to get the item to your buyer on time. However, as the virus can be spread via objects, you’ll need to avoid this whilst isolating to protect your buyer. We’re sure your buyer would rather a refund or waiting a few weeks for their new item’s arrival rather than be put at risk.

Depop also suggest updating your bio to let buyers know you won’t be shipping temporarily.


4) If shipping internationally, check the local guidance

Different countries have different covid restrictions and different shipping rules. Depop suggest checking evolving communications from your shipping provider. You can find relevant shipping provider links here!


5) Wear gloves to package items

Whilst this isn’t specific guidance from Depop, once you’ve washed the garment you’re selling, wearing clean single-use gloves every time you handle the item (including to dry and package the item) can help to minimise the risk of virus transmission. Just be sure to keep the environment as clean as possible and avoid touching other things (including your face) whilst wearing your gloves, or you’re defeating the object!


6) Consider shipping time

We couldn’t find any specific guidance from Depop on shipping times and allowing your parcel to sit idle, but it’s something you may like to consider.

John Hopkins Medicine found that coronavirus lasts up to a day on cardboard, two days on stainless steel and three days on plastic. Although chances of contracting covid from fabric items is smaller, buyers may like to let their parcels sit idle for a few days just to be careful.

If your item takes a few days to arrive, for example if you're posting second class, or over the weekend, it's probably sat idle for enough time that any potential virus droplets won't have survived. But if you're posting with next day delivery, risk may be slightly higher. You may like to involve the buyer in this decision, to see whether they need the item urgently, or would prefer to wait to minimise risk.

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